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How to Choose the Right Urine Leg Bag

How to Choose the Right Urine Leg Bag

The urinary leg bag is a device used to collect and preserve urine. It can be worn on the leg, or on or under the knee. The leg bags can be directly connected to Foley catheters or external condom catheters. If you prefer to wear the leg bag on the calf, the leg bag can be connected to the extension tube and then to the catheter. Leg bags are omnipotent. They come in many different styles and sizes. Even the straps come in many different styles. Don't be afraid to try different styles until you find the leg bag that suits you best. If you don't like straps at all, consider a leg bag brace.

These holders are almost like leggings, and with a pocket to hold the leg bag safely in place. Leg bags should not be worn when you are lying down. The leg bags need to be worn below the bladder so that your urine can drain into the leg bags. Urinary leg bags are used when you are on your day. Remember, just because you need to use a catheter does not mean that you can no longer enjoy many of the activities you have enjoyed before.

urinary leg bag

urinary leg bag

How to choose the right urine leg bag

When purchasing a urinary leg bag, consider the capacity of the leg bag, availability, drainage valve, the length of the inlet tube, and the type of leg bag strap to successfully collect urine.

Wash your hands before and after touching the catheter, tubing, or drainage bag. Use soap and water. This reduces the risk of infection.

Tie the leg bag on the thighs or calves. Make sure the shoulder straps are comfortable. If the strap is too tight, it can cause blood flow problems in the legs.

Before connecting the drainage tube to the catheter, clean the tip of the drainage tube with alcohol. This helps prevent bacteria from entering the catheter.

The connecting tube should not pull on the catheter. If you keep pulling on the catheter, the skin will break.

Check the tube frequently to make sure it is not kinked or twisted. Blocked pipes can cause urine to flow back into the bladder. Your urine must flow directly into your leg bag through the tube.

Always put the leg bag under the bladder. This prevents urine from the bag from entering the bladder, which may cause infection.

When the leg bag is half full, or emptied every 3 hours. The full bag may rupture or disconnect from the catheter.

Change it to your bedside bag before going to bed. Your bedside bag can hold more urine. Do not use your leg bag at night because it may become too full or crack.

Wash the leg bag after each use.

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