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Why Vitaimed?

Vitaimed is a fast-growing medical device developer and manufacturer, providing its employees with unlimited potential for professionally growth. At Vitaimed, you will learn the latest development in the industry and the professional skills to do your job; you will find a professional team that works hard and strives for excellence; you will have the opportunities to be involved in product planning and development; and you will benefit from being part of a team which deals daily with global economic integration. All in all, Vitaimed provides its employees with an exciting environment in which to work.

Vitaimed Instrument Co., Ltd.

Vitaimed also provides its employees with a rewarding career by offering comprehensive benefit and compensation programs for them to grow individually. At Vitaimed, employees are encouraged to develop skills leading to long-term development goals, and they are provided with sufficient room for personal growth and career advancement. It really matters that you are proud of working for the company you really care about, and a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment derives when you know that you have contributed to the well-being of the society.

As Vitaimed expands globally, there are many career opportunities available to quality individuals at various locations.

At Vitaimed, we are committed to recruiting the best people available and helping them become successful in their.

Talents Conception

Outlook on Talents

"Attracting talents by development, uniting people with business, cultivating staff in working and assessing people according to performance" is the talent concept of Vitaimed. We treat talents as the Company's most valuable asset ideologically and institutionally and consider talent introduction as an investment with the highest return. The objective of Vitaimed's human resource management is: pursue, harmonize and integrate personal achievement with the development of the enterprise


Be good at summarizing and learning with high execution

Have an overall view and a prospective

understanding about the industry

Dare to challenge oneself, set and try to attain high goals

Be tenacious in pursuing new heights despite career and enterprise setbacks and industry downturn

Be able to replicate the team and nurture talents

Be able to manage changes successfully

Diversity At Vitaimed

Vitaimed encourages diversity in its work force. As an equal opportunity employer, Vitaimed has a team diverse by race, ethnicity, creed, gender, religion, age, and disability status. Vitaimed is committed to compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws providing equal employment opportunities; it prohibits unlawful discrimination in the workplace.

Vitaimed recognizes that every individual's unique background and experiences will contribute to the growth and success of the company. This is where our strength is, and Vitaimed thrives on this diversity.

As a global employer, Vitaimed benefits from its diverse work force and will continue to actively promote the development of all of its employees to achieve their full potential.

Vitaimed Instrument Co., Ltd.

Compensation And Benefits

Vitaimed strives to create an exciting working environment for its employees and a rewarding career working for the company. Vitaimed, therefore, has made enormous efforts to recruit the best talents and provided its employees with a comprehensive compensation and benefits package.

Vitaimed's compensation philosophy is to reward employees for individual and business performances. Our total compensation package includes salary and other forms of pay such as bonuses. It also includes a variety of benefits to help employees meet their health-care, retirement, and time-off needs. There are also other programs in place to help employees balance professional and personal obligations.

Vitaimed encourages its employees to achieve their greatest potential at work, and aligns its employees' actual compensation with performance by making compensation decisions based on dedication and contribution to the company. While assessing employees' job performance, Vitaimed is also taking into account of the business conditions and business objectives when making compensation decisions.

Job Openings

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