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Vitaimed Instrument Co., Ltd.


With a complete range of medical instruments,Vitaimed Instrument has become and reliable partner as a Chinese company.Our goal is to improve the surgical experience for both doctors and patients by supplying equipment with the latest designs based on advancements in technology.


Together, we tackle your top priorities.

This compass organizes our products and services around your needs. We use it to map out the full range of your operating performance challenges and business goalso matter your size, location or facility type.

Vitaimed Instrument Co., Ltd.

We help you

Improve care quality.

Caregiver Readiness

Standardize practices and products.


Clinical solutions

Practice and product alignment

Enhanced Products

Provide more effective tools.

Evidence-based products

Co-creation of innovative solutions

Clinical evaluation

We help you

Build loyalty.

Reputation Building

Promote preference and loyalty.

Quality management solutions

Branding and marketing

Patient Experience

Improve satisfaction and outcomes.

Culture transformation

Training, coaching and consulting

Branded patient care kits

Patient Engagement

Expand care and revenue streams.

B2B2 Patiente Commerce

Retail channels

Branded at-home care kits

We help you

Reduce supply spending.

Product Selection

Control product costs.

Purchasing strategies

Inventory Tracking

Improve visibility and costs.

Real-time inventory data

RFID technology

Automated restocking

Spend Management

Reduce inefficiencies and waste.

Utilization improvement

Data integration

We help you

Work more efficiently.

Point-of-Care Flexibility

Space planning and design

Ancillary services and off-site storage

Built to Order

Receive supplies ready to use.

Standard and customized procedure trays

Distribution Optimization

Streamline suppliers and shipments.

Consolidated PPI logistics

Fast, reliable delivery

  • Products


    At Vitaimed Instrument, we are committed to improving safe and cost-effective medical instruments with our professional spint, In our factory, our experienced work staff use advanced production machines to manufacture. with the strictest standards. And the passing of ISO and CE certifications ensures you can trust us on our quality.

  • Experience


    Improving our qualifications is a continuing endeavor. With more than ten year's experience in the medical instruments industry, we have a great understanding of the recent trends.We have many senior staff members who have many years of experience with a broad knowledge base. We will continue to research the latest in medical instruments for further development in our products.

  • Servives


    Vitaimed Instrument is dedicated to providing exceptional services. From the customer consultation to the delivery of product, our service team will efficiently address and nedds with 100% enthusiasm and accountability. We also provide online support websites for you to obtain valuble information about the best use of our products.

  • Professionalism


    Vitaimed Instrument has been a leading developer, manufacturer and provider of surgical instruments and services in China. Our products can be categorized to hospital consumables, surgical tolls and large medical devices. Our hospital consumables such as oxygen masks, surgical gowns and masks are produced in our own factory. Surgical tools and medical devices, we source from specialized suppliers.

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