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Excreta Collection Pants

Consisting of : Urine collector, collection tube, urine bags, elastic Fix belt (Pants).

Product Description: Through the external pipeline and drainage catheter connection, forming a closed drainage system. Patients with drainage bag system can achieve the purpose of receiving defecation whether lying on the side or on the back, can prevent the occurrence of bedsore, avoid urinary tract infection caused by urination, relieve the pain of soaking stool fluid, avoid polluting bedding, reduce the burden of patients and nursing staff, accurately record the volume of urine, and convenient to use, simple to operate.

Urine collector with elastic fix belt is suitable for men and women who are bedridden due to various reasons such as urinary incontinence, coma, paralysis and fracture and cannot take care of themselves when urinating.

Urine collector with pants is suitable for patients with alzheimer's disease, prostate disease, diabetes, and male patients who can walk and urinate while standing.

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