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How Do I Use The Urinary Leg Bag?

What Is a Urinary Leg Bag?

The urinary leg bag contains urine discharged from the urinary catheter. The urine leg bag is used to hold the urine that drains from the urinary tube. The urinary leg bag is a discreet urine collection bag that is used to collect urine in the urinary catheter. They are wrapped around the leg or thigh and secured by straps and brackets. For those who need more freedom of movement to lead an active lifestyle, leg bags are very beneficial. They can be easily worn inside clothes in complete privacy. These urinary drainage bags can be attached to the body or Foley catheter. It suits your clothes and allows you to do your daily activities.

How do I use the urinary leg bag?

Wash your hands before and after touching the catheter, tubing, or drainage bag. Use soap and water. This reduces the risk of infection.

Tie your leg bag to your thigh or calf. Make sure the strap is comfortable. If the straps are too tight, it can cause problems with blood flow in the legs.

Before connecting the drainage tube to the catheter, clean the tip of the drainage tube with alcohol. This helps prevent bacteria from entering your duct.

The connecting tube should not pull on the catheter. If you continue to pull on the catheter, a skin breakdown can occur.

Check the tube frequently to make sure it is not kinked or twisted. Blockage in the tube can cause urine to flow back into the bladder. Your urine must flow directly into your leg bag through the tube.

Place the leg bag under the bladder. This prevents urine from flowing from the bag back to the bladder, which may cause infection.

When the leg bag is half full or emptied every 3 hours. A full bag may rupture or disconnect from the catheter.

Change to your bedside bag before going to bed. Your bedside bag can hold more urine. Do not use your leg bag at night because it may become too full or crack.

Wash the leg bag after each use. Fill the bag with 2 parts vinegar and 3 parts water. Let it soak for 20 minutes, then rinse and let dry. Follow your healthcare provider's instructions to replace your leg bag with a new one.

Urinary Leg Bag

Urinary Leg Bag

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