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Urinary Leg Bags-Buying Guide

The urinary leg bag is a discreet urine collection bag that is used to collect urine in the urinary catheter. They are wrapped around the leg or thigh and secured by straps and brackets. For those who need more freedom of movement to lead an active lifestyle, leg bags are very beneficial. They can be easily worn inside clothes in complete privacy. These urinary drainage bags can be attached to the body or Foley catheter.

How to choose the right urine leg bag?

When purchasing a urinary leg bag, consider the capacity of the leg bag, availability, drainage valve, the length of the inlet tube, and the type of leg bag strap to successfully collect urine.

Leg bag capacity

Compared with a small-capacity urine bag, a large-capacity urine bag can store a larger volume of urine and requires fewer changes. They are the perfect choice when you are going out or cannot easily go to the toilet.

The small-capacity leg bag stores a small amount of urine and needs to be replaced frequently. They are easy to handle and carry.


Reusable: The reusable leg urine bag can be used multiple times. They are cost-effective because fewer leg bags are required over a period of time.

Disposable urine bag: The disposable urine bag can only be used once. They are disposed of after use to help prevent infection.

Drainage valve

Flip Flo valve: Flip Flo valve allows quick and hygienic emptying of the urine. When frequent emptying is required, the leg bag with a Flip-Flo valve is very suitable for use.

Twist valve: The leg bag with twist valve help provides easy emptying.

T-type tap valve: The t-type tap valve is ideal for one-handed operation. Its small shield protects fingers from contamination.

Regurgitation valve: A urine leg bag with a regurgitation valve helps prevent the backflow of urine from the leg bag to the bladder.

Inlet tube length

The length of the inlet tube depends on where you want to attach the leg bag.

The short tube is used to connect the leg bag to the thigh.

The long tube is used to connect the leg bag to the calf.

The adjustable inlet tube increases the length of the sheathed patient.

Urine Leg Bag

Urine Leg Bag

Leg bag sleeves vs leg bag straps

Leg bag sleeves or holders are used to keep the leg pockets comfortably against the legs. They provide maximum support and safety, completely enveloping the leg bags.

The leg bag straps help secure the leg bag to the leg. They can be adjusted to an accurate fit with the help of buttons or Velcro closures.

How to empty the catheter leg bag?

Wash your hands with soap and water.

Keep the urine leg bag below the bladder level.

Put the bag on the toilet or container.

To empty the urine, open the drainage port of the leg bag and empty the urine completely.

When emptying, the bag should not touch the edge of the container or toilet.

Take an alcohol-saturated pad and clean the drainage spout. After cleaning, close the drainage spout tightly.

Wash your hands with soap and water.

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