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Foley Catheterization Tray FCT01

These sterile kits are ldeal for self-catheterization training or for when disposal of urine is not readily available,It is designed to have all the necessary components packaged in one user friendly system.

Product Description

Product name:Foley Catheterization Tray    Code No.:FCT01

Product Description:Foley Catheterization Tray

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Foley Catheterization Tray


Product Features

FCT01 Component
1 Foley Catheter,14Fr
1 Urinary Drainage Bag with Anti-reflux Drip Chamber
1 Pre-filled 10ml Syringe of Sterile Water
2 Dry Swabs
1 Vinyl Powder-free Gloves
1 Waterproof drape,Under pad
1 Fenestrated Drape
1 Lubricating jelly.5g/Packing.Water Soluble
3 Povidong-lodine Swab sticks,3 Pieces/Packing
1 Specimen Container,4OZ

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