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Wearing Mask

Wearing Mask

Why do you wear a mask?

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) can be transmitted by respiratory droplets over a short-range distance or direct contact with patient secretions. Wear masks can prevent SARS. If you have a respiratory infection, it also helps prevent the spread of the disease. If wearing is proper, the surgical mask can effectively prevent the spread of foam infections.

Wearing masks just a way to prevent respiratory tract infections. The most important thing is to pay attention to personal hygiene. Frequent use of liquid soap to wash your hands. Sneezing, cough, clean your nose; go to the toilet; before touching your eyes, nose, and mouth or preparing food. You can also enhance your body's immunity through a healthy lifestyle - eat, rest, exercise more, don't smoke.

Who should wear a mask?

People with respiratory infection symptoms.

Nursing people with respiratory infection symptoms.

Those who have had close contact with SARS diagnosed or suspected patients should wear a top cover at least 10 days after the last contact.

People who go to the clinic or hospital.

Health care workers in clinical environments.

Worker handling food.

Public transport operators.

People in crowded or ventilated places.

Students and faculty members in schools. (Except for venues in sports class or in good ventilation, spacious space, no "short-distance face-to-face activities".)

Since the above list is not exhaustive, we remind the public to make judgments according to the above guidelines. In general, anyone who feels that it is necessary to wear a mask should do this.

It is often placed on hand in order to wear it when needed.

Wearing masks Consideration:

Before wearing a mask, you should wash your hands before and after the mask.

Follow the supplier's instructions.

When wearing a surgical mask, ensure that:

This mask is very comfortable on the face.

The mask has a color of the color facade, the metal strip is on top.

The position of the rope or elastic band is correct to keep the mask secure position.

The mask covers the nose, mouth, and chin.

The metal strip is attached to the nose.

Once the mask is fixed on the face, try not to touch it because often touching may reduce its protection. If you have to do this, you have to wash your hands before and after the mask.

When removing the mask, the outer portion of the contact mask should be avoided because this part may be filled with bacteria.

After removing the mask, the mask is folded outward (i.e., the outer surface of the mask is inward), then put in a plastic bag or paper bag, and then placed in a covered garbage barrel.

The surgical mask should be discarded after use, and the time is not allowed for more than one day in any case. If there is damage or dirt, the Disposable Face Mask should be replaced immediately.

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Disposable Face Mask

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