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Urine leg bag 500 ml KYE08

Urine leg bag 500 ml 


The Vistoma®, Vitaimed® Bag is a urine leg bag for urine collection which meets European standard requirements.


Ambulatory urine leg bag for urine collection.

Product Description

Product CodeDescriptionPackage InstructionSpecifications
KYE08Capacity: 500mlOne Chamber White foil, Flip Outlet Valvetube O.D.7mm, length 30cmNeedleless Sampling Port Adapter with cap, Anti-Reflux Valve10 Pcs/Box

Product Features


§  Capacity of 500 ml

§  Drainable leg bag with graduations

§  Soft back foil avoiding skin irritation for better comfort

§  Anti reflux valve

§  60 cm length tube (cut-to-fit) with universal connector, non kinking

§  Drainage outlet designed to be easily used for all levels of hand dexterity

§  Non-sterile

§  Contains DEHP, PVC

§  Can be connected to a male external catheter, ViUro® Vision, a urostomy pouch (e.g. Vistoma® , Vitaimed®) or a urinary catheter (e.g. ViUro® ,Vitaimed®)

Available in boxes of 10 urine leg bags

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