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Suction Liner

The specification of disposable medical 2l suction liner in operating room :

Product Description

Product name
Negative pressure drainage device
Normal type, solid type, stop overflow type, stop overflow consolidation type
Product feature
Large diameter cover, large taper, it will not be too tight with the outer bottle after being filled with waste liquid. The upper
cover is equipped with lifting ring, which is convenient for medical staff to take out after full. External filter element,
accurate stop line. More than 50cc reflux space in the bag to prevent splashing.


Product Features

Product Superiority:
1 Double safety design (To prevent fluid into the suction systerms by mistake).
2 Soft and transparent (Convenient for observation liquid waste).
3 It can be connected with relevant suction device or vacuum device, soft bag is seal and reliable inside and can be wishstand the pressure of 60 kg when fully filled with liquid ( Prevent infections liquid overflow caused by medical staff ).

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