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Urine Collection Bag

Urine Collection Bag

The urine collection bag is designed to collect urine discharged from the bladder through a catheter or sheath. They can also be attached to some types of hand-held urinals to provide additional sealing.

Many aspects of hygiene and infection control apply to body-worn and large-capacity collection bags.

Prevention of infection is crucial for users of collection bags, especially those who use them with indwelling catheters.

Reduce the risk of infection

The collection bag has various functions designed to reduce the risk of infection:

When the user or caregiver moves the bag, the check valve where urine enters the bag prevents the urine from returning to the pipe.

The bag with its tap and outlet pipe widely separated is considered to be the most effective in preventing contamination of the leg bag spout.

Many body-worn bags have an emptying tap with an outlet sleeve that can be connected to a larger overnight bag. The outlet tap of the bag is opened to allow urine to pass through it to the larger overnight bag. This is called a "link" system because it minimizes the time that the collection bag and the catheter are disconnected, which is important to reduce the risk of infection.

There is usually a dust cover at the end of the connecting pipe of a large collection bag. When the large collection bag is disconnected from the faucet that wears the bag, for example in the morning, the joint of the large collection bag should be cleaned and the dust cover should be replaced. The tube should be rolled up, covered, and the bag placed on the ground for reuse.

If you have an indwelling catheter, you must disconnect it from the collection bag. For example, if you want to change the collection bag, you should practice good hygiene:

Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the connectors.

Before disconnecting, it is best to clean the connection thoroughly, preferably using alcohol wipes.

Reconnect as soon as possible.

Wash hands thoroughly after disconnecting.

If your catheter and collection bag are accidentally disconnected:

Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the catheter or collecting bag tube.

Thoroughly clean the end of the tube and the bag tube.

Reconnect as soon as possible.

Urine sampling

Sometimes it is necessary to take a urine sample from the catheter for analysis. Some bags have a special sampling port at the inlet tube from which a urine sample can be obtained, thereby minimizing the risk of microorganisms entering the catheter and bladder. Some ports require a needle and syringe, while others only require a syringe.

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Urine Bag

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