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XB613-B Pulse Oximeter- LCD4C

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Product Description

 Product Name: Fingertip Pulse oximeter  Model No.:P-01

 Measure time:8 seconds after the finger is not detected Perfusion:0.1%

 Results output time:4s

 Battery size: 1.5v*2AAA alkaline batteries Operating Voltage:1.7V~3.3V Display mode: LCD 4 colors display Product size: 57.55*32.86*31.29mm WorkingPower;<30mA

 Product Weight:53.4g(w/o battery)

 SPO2 Measurement: SpO2 measuring range:0%-100% (the resolution is 1%); SpO2 accuracy: 70%-99%; +2%,Below 70% unspecified

 PR Measurement:PR Measuring range: 30 bpm-250bpm(resolution less than 1bpm);PR Accuracy: +2bpm or +2% (select larger)

 Working condition: Temperature:10-40;Humidity:<75%;Pressure: 700-1060hpa


Product Features

Qty/Ctn:100pcs Carton



G. MOQ/PCS5000

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