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PCR Thermal Cycler-Vitesy 96T

Product Description

PCR Thermal Cycler-Vitesy 96T new generation of gene amplification thermal cycler independently developed by Vitaimed, with innovative design, intelligent and friendly user operating system, fast and accurate temperature control and a variety of practical functions for your applications. This instrument can perform conventional PCR, gradient PCR, long-range PCR, isothermal amplification and various experiments, and is widely used in medical institutions at all levels, universities and research institutes, CDC, Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Public Security Criminal Evidence Identification Center, veterinary centers, food and dairy product factories, and other industries.

Product Features

7-inch TFT color touch screen, easy to operate;

Rapid heating up and cooling down, accurate temperature control, for reliable results;

12 temperature gradients to meet diverse needs;

Power failure protection, for your safety and work efficiency;

Flexible options: Tube Mode and Block Mode.

Product Model

Vitesy 96T

Authoritative Certifications:

NMPA, CE, etc.

Suitable Consumables

0.2mL single tubes, 0.2mL 8-tube strips, 0.2mL skirted / semi-skirted / skirtless 96-well plates.

Reaction Systems


Module Temperature Range

4.0  ~ 99.9 

Temperature Control Mode

Tube Mode, Block Mode

Gradient Module

Up to 12 gradients in one run

Gradient Temperature Span

1 ~ 40 

Gradient Temperature Range

35 ~ 100 

Temperature Range of Heater Lid

40 ~ 110 

Temperature Uniformity


Temperature Accuracy


Heating & Cooling Rates

Up to 5.5/s 




Up to 99

Increment / Decrement Time

1s ~ 10min

Increment / Decrement Temperature

0.1~5 , Touchdown PCR assay available

Program Storage

> 1000 sets


7-inch TFT true-color LCD touchscreen, 800×480 resolution

Operating Noise


Structural Design

The instrument is designed with air ducts in the front and back, for multiple units to be placed closely in parallel to save laboratory space.


Beeping alert function;

Automatic calculation and display of gradient temperatures for each column;

Graphical interface showing PCR running process in real time;

Unlimited number of programs with USB storage;

Power failure protection: automatic recovery of the experiments when the power is on again after cutting off;

Pre-stored standard experiment templates, without tedious programming;

One-click start-up of the experimental program, quick and easy;

Self-pressurized heater lid with no need to adjust its height, compatible with a variety of consumables;

Individual folders available, for quick access to the programs.

Size and Weight

260mm*400mm*260mm(W*D*H),11 kg

Power supply

AC 100~240 V, 50~60 Hz, 600 VA

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