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Hot Coffee Cup

Packaging coffee paper cups with paper cups is beneficial to reduce costs and is safer. Because it is a disposable paper cup, it is also very convenient to use.

Product Description

★Hot coffee cup★
Item#DescriptionTop Diameter
width(mm)Bottom Diameter
Case Pack
VTCC-4A4oz coffee cup62.5/43.6//622000
VTCC-6B6oz coffee cup70.52/49//802500
VTCC-7C7oz coffee cup72.5/50.6//83.52400
VTCC-7D7oz coffee cup70.3/46//941000
VTCC-8E8oz coffee cup80/50.3//951000
VTCC-12F12oz coffee cup90/58.6//1121000
VTCC-12G12oz coffee cup80.1/53.5//1171000
VTCC-16H16oz coffee cup90/59//1351000

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