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Automatic Urine Bag Machine-Urine Bag Manufacturing Machine-Urine Bag Machine

Urine bag manufacturing machine, also known as urine bag machine, urine bag making machine. This equipment is widely used in the medical industry, medical urine bags, waste liquid bags, etc.

Product Description

Product Name:Automatic Urine Bag Machine/Urine Bag Manufacturing Machine/Urine Bag Machine   Code No.:RJHF10LD-1

Urine Bag Manufacturing Machine Description:

1.The machine speed is about 400-450PCS/hour, and only one worker is required to operate it.

2. The total power is 20kW and the air pressure can be 6-8kg. 

3. Machine size: 4860x2650x1900mm, weight about 3000 kg. 

4. The inlet and outlet pipes are welded on one machine, which can add printing system (according to customer's needs). 

5. Full-automatic urine bag forming machine, including automatic printing film, welding tube, welding reverse flow film, welding bag body, cutting, etc. 

6. PLC control system, touch screen interface, parameter setting, production counting reminder, simple operation and easy operation. 

7. The fault alarm system can be displayed on the touch screen, which is convenient for personnel to quickly eliminate. 

8. The water circulation constant temperature system ensures that the mold is at a constant temperature so that the welding process of the medical urine bag is consistent. 

9. Stainless steel frame to meet the requirements of medical bag production in purification workshop. 

10. Imported electronic tubes and other accessories and domestic well-known brand accessories are adopted, with guaranteed quality.

Product Features

Automatic Urine Bag Machine

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