Compensation And Benefits

Vitaimed strives to create an exciting working environment for its employees and a rewarding career working for the company. Vitaimed, therefore, has made enormous efforts to recruit the best talents and provided its employees with a comprehensive compensation and benefits package.
Vitaimed's compensation philosophy is to reward employees for individual and business performances. Our total compensation package includes salary and other forms of pay such as bonuses. It also includes a variety of benefits to help employees meet their health-care, retirement, and time-off needs. There are also other programs in place to help employees balance professional and personal obligations.
Vitaimed encourages its employees to achieve their greatest potential at work, and aligns its employees' actual compensation with performance by making compensation decisions based on dedication and contribution to the company. While assessing employees' job performance, Vitaimed is also taking into account of the business conditions and business objectives when making compensation decisions.