Core Values and Guiding Principles

Vitaimed upholds these eternal guiding principles, and our values define who we are and how we do business with our customers and business partners - as individuals and as a company.

Character and Ethics
Treating one another and our customers fairly and honestly...
 We preserve the highest standards of personal and professional ethics as the cornerstone of trust between our customers and ourselves.
 We encourage personal growth and empowerment, and commitment to one's company and fellow citizens.
 We recognize our obligation and responsibilities to the communities where we live and work.
 We nourish an environment where open and honest communications are valued.
 We hold ourselves accountable not only for what we achieve but also how we achieve it.

Competence, Innovation, and Diligence
Demanding high standards of performance from ourselves and customers...
 We believe that people are our biggest assets and seek to build up a highly competent employee workforce.
 We strive for operational excellence, standardization, and speed in everything we do.
 We deliver products and service of the best quality possible.
 We encourage creative ideas which are the forces behind great innovation.
 We accept honest mistakes as the price of entry for big ideas.
 We encourage and value hard-working spirit and consider it the key to personal career advancement and the success of the company.

Collaboration and Teamwork
Nourishing a spirit that leads to solutions and success...
 We believe in creating a harmonious
 working environment in which great productivity can be achieved.
 We respect the dignity, uniqueness, and contribution of each individual and recognize the strength that provides our team.
 We support one another and strive to achieve the best results as a team.
 We share the rewards of our financial success with employees and customers.
 We encourage open communications and stimulating dialogues, and listen to respectful disagreements.