Continence Care

Safe solutions for patients with chronic and acute urinary disorders
Urinary disorders affect millions of people all over the world. There are no real age limitations, no specific genders. It affects children, teenagers, adults, seniors, men, women, disabled people, and otherwise healthy people that might be treated in hospital facilities or at home.
Patients with Chronic disorders resulting from spinal cord lesions, neurological diseases, congenital malformation or age, look for products that improve their quality of life on a daily basis, helping them to continue having an active life at school, work and when playing sports…This is where the Vitaimed & ViUro intermittent self catheters range comes in,  providing tremendous benefits for home care patients.
For acute disorders treated in hospital facilities, health care professionals are looking for reliable partners who offer safe products such as Vitaimed &ViUro leading urine measurement and suprapubic catheterization products for intensive care and emergencies.
For acute or chronic care, Vitaimed provides a complete solution with safe products in line with protocol and materials compliant with major urinary management guidelines for health care and patient confidence.